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آلبوم هایی از Al Gromer Khan

۱ سی‌دی
قیمت : ۹۵۰ تومان

سبک :

new age, ambient, world, peaceful, world music

لیست آلبوم های در این مجموعه :

Al Gromer Khan – [Kamasutra]

Al Gromer Khan – [Sufi]

Al Gromer Khan – [Tantra Drums]

موسیقیدان های مشابه :

Steve Roach
David Parsons

مقاله های مرتبط :

Born in Bavaria in 1946, Alois Gromer has lived in England, India, and Morocco, which broadened his musical tastes and performing style. He attended a recital by sitarist Vilayat Khan and was so moved that he dedicated his life and art to the study of the sitar. After studying with master sitarist Imrat Khan, Gromer became a member of the Khan-i-Gharana dynasty in 1975 and added the Khan name to his own. His contemplative, contemporary approach to music made him popular in the arenas of radio and television scoring, as well as with progressively minded artists like Deuter, Amon Düül, and Florian Fricke of Popul Vuh, with whom Khan collaborated. Solo outings like Mahogany Nights, Space Hotel, and Kamasutra drew critical acclaim for their supple blend of technique, tradition, and technology. 1999 saw the release of Music From an Eastern Rosegarden; Almond Blossom Day followed a year later and mid-2000 saw the release of God Perfume II. Sufi was issued a year later.

برچسب ها : ambient , new age , peaceful , world , World Music ,
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