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آلبوم هایی از David Arkenstone

۱ سی‌دی
قیمت : ۹۵۰ تومان

آلبوم هایی از David Arkenstone موسقیدان سبک new age و سلتیک و موسیقی آرامبخش

سبک :

new age, celtic, instrumental, ambient, folk

لیست آلبوم های در این مجموعه :

David Arkenstone – [The Celtic Book Of Days]

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موسقیدانان دنباله رو :

Celtic Woman

مقاله های مرتبط :

David Arkenstone

California’s David Arkenstone blends global, cinematic, and rock elements into his new age sonic tapestries. A music lover since the age of ten, when he moved to California from Chicago, Arkenstone has immersed himself in all kinds of music, and played keyboard and guitar in numerous bands from his youth.

It was when he discovered the lush arrangements and exotic approach of Kitaro that Arkenstone ventured into new age music. The increasing synergy between computer technology and musical instruments also inspired him; most of his works were created partly or entirely on his Macintosh along with synthesizers and guitars. This blend of electro-acoustic textures is showcased on albums like 1998′s Book of Days, and works from his other project, Troika. Arkenstone returned in mid-2000 with Caravan of Light. Frontier followed a year later. In 2002, Arkenstone had two Grammy nominations and several Billboard new age smash hits under his belt. The legacy continued with the releases of Sketches From An American Journey in June 2002 and Atlantis in September 2004.

برچسب ها : ambient , celtic , folk , instrumental , new age ,
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